I live Sunday as a day of rest and restoration.  I prepare for the week ahead with hope, joy, and anticipation.  The restorative part of my day may come from family, friends, or even time alone to reflect and look forward with optimism.  I need this day to “fill me up” again and repair my veneer from last week’s comments, disappointments, and disheartening events from the classroom.  As teachers, we often lack the tangible view of our work.  Are our encouraging words tucked away to use later?  Do the words, “We’ll try again tomorrow,” really instill hope or the agony reflected back from their faces?  As a class read aloud we read Wonder.  The words, “Choose Kind” are above the board.  I get discouraged when that is not what I see in my students.  Sunday is my time to restore my own hope and belief that the words and actions I model do matter.  As part of my master’s work I was assigned the following video.  I feel restored.  Writers, it’s long, but even only watching 12 minutes you will feel better.

Everyday is new.