Words Worth Saving

I recently heard a research report that stated being a parent doesn’t increase one’s overall happiness in life.  Being the mother of a teenager, there are days that feels accurate, but I don’t think the report includes all the small moments of joy.  They are sometimes hidden and we can miss them if not paying attention.  In the hurried world, I can miss them.

This past week my son called and left a voicemail for me asking me to pick up materials for a class project, due the next day. I was almost home. The message ended with a sincere, “I love you mom.”  Instead of being frustrated at the lack of planning on my son’s part, I hung onto the words at the end of the message.  Ready to hit delete, I stopped myself and know, there will be days ahead that I will want to be reminded of these words.  I feel so grateful they are spoken everyday in my home even on the difficult ones.  How fortunate to be able to save them.



Slice of Life Challenge

I was so fortunate to be part of the TCRWP Writing institute this summer.  One of our writing assignments was to write about our life as a writer.  I was the student challenged to understand why I was so hesitant to put my voice out there and it came to me.  It was 5th grade.  My “Harriet the Spy” notebook had been taken from my desk and all my observations, opinions, and dreams had been read by T.L..  My heart was out there.  He never betrayed my thoughts to others, didn’t even share or show it to anyone else in the class.  This did not end in any ugly dramatic way it could have with a 5th grade girls notebook taken and read by a boy.  I wish I had that notebook.  Today I will begin an electronic version.