Continuing With My Best Effort


I missed two days of posting.  I know how challenging this task is that I put forward for myself and my students.  It is challenging to see the “seed” moments in everyday that would be interesting to other readers.  I know I appreciate and take note of more in my life as I look for these moments to share , but wonder, “Is it interesting?  Is it meaningful? Is it something I want to share with the world?”

Several years ago, a local photographer, Craig Blacklock, gave himself a monthly challenge that could be compared to the Slice of Life. He was only allowing himself to take one photo a day.  I recall reading his reflections discussing the challenge in not taking the large obvious easy photo(he was in the Superior National Forest), but look to see the beauty and art in the smaller view.  He had some beautiful sunrise photos of Lake Superior but also had photos that included small plants, driftwood, shadows, the things that may be overlooked.  Some were breathtaking and some were less so.  I I must not be so hard on myself.  Some days the writing is there in front of us waiting to be put on the page, others it will be a little less glamorous, but perhaps more meaningful.

As I read the work of other slicers, I connect with them as teachers, mothers, daughters, and shared human experiences on the planet. Their words inspire me to write and appreciate things in my own life.  I am grateful to those who comment and affirm my word choices and can place themselves in my shoes.  

This morning I have determined to continue to practice, share my comments with other writers and put out the best that I can each day.  It is all I ask of my students, it is what I should be okay with for myself.  I am a new writer.


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