Spring Has Arrived

SOLIt was 77 degrees warmer today than a week ago.  Last Monday, the students were inside for recess because the windchill was -22.  Today we had 55 degrees above zero!  It is amazing the smiles that appear as the snow melts.  People are kinder, more patient, and talk with one another versus bury their faces in their phones while in checkout lines.  Maybe all the heavy clothing makes our hearts heavy after such a long bitter winter.

We are on spring break and today it felt like spring.  I took time to absorb the sun shining on the deck.  It is amazing how powerful that warming feeling is.  The world felt better, tasks felt doable and my teenager was humorous.  Glorious.


2 thoughts on “Spring Has Arrived

  1. It is amazing what a change can happen in just a week! Last Monday, I sat inside all day watching it snow in VA. Today, I left my coat in the car as I ran errands after school and it was 60 degrees! It is good to stop and remind ourselves that change happens! So looking forward to the colorful flowers taking the place of the blanket of snow!

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