New Challenges

SOLStarting new things can be exciting and anxiety building at the same time.  I began my Master’s program last week.  How would I fit this new responsibility into my life.  What will have to give and flex to fit it in. I’d watched as colleagues breezed through programs with mad rushes at the end of each 4 week period completing papers and reflections on what they had been trying.  I knew that if I were to be paying for further education I wanted to be challenged and feel that I was improving my knowledge and skills.  I wanted to know that I would be challenged and inspired to raise the level of my instruction, that the money and effort would be of value.

Only one week has passed and my students and I are benefitting from my coursework.  It was a crazy week with two nights of conferences, community ed, and track and field day.  I don’t know that it is a typical week to determine if my family is the piece that must always be in flex.  How fortunate I am to have such a supporting family to encourage me along the way and help in any way they can for me to achieve my goal.

We are always trying to reach for new things and keep things in balance.  Perhaps the balance is shifting so that no one piece is ever lost.


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