Warm Fuzzies

SOLAs we wrapped things up before our spring break today, we also had to say goodbye to a treasured classmate.  This young lady is an all around fantastic person. She is hard working, understands the value of perseverance, and is willing to help anyone in anyway that she can.  I believe every classmate was sad to see her go.  She has that unique ability to help diffuse tension in a gentle and humorous way so that we can laugh at ourselves when we take life too seriously.

Before we left for the day, we made “Warm Fuzzies”.  You know, the pom pom necklaces where you pull out strands from your own necklace and tie them onto another classmates while you give them a compliment.  It was amazing.  For a group that I constantly worry about their empathy and compassion, they had powerful and specific compliments to give one another.  My class is two third boys and everyone of them went home with their necklace of multicolored threads on.

We will miss our classmate but have warm fuzzy thoughts of her with us always.


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